The Nth Degree is selling their old stock of shirts, hoping to make way for new inventory in the coming year, until then, Phaze 1 Screen Printing will be hosting a liquidation sale for them. Please call 419-334-4755 or email for bulk pricing. 


Dan Wilkins The Nth Degree Chairmen

Dan Wilkins

Dad, husband, friend, chair-user, artist, writer, graphic designer, and loving life.

An outspoken advocate, story teller and visionary for people living with disabilities and the culture to which they belong. Since 1989, he has been sharing stories and ideas in workshops to parents, professionals, educators and administrators alike.

The Nth Degree is a place where people can come to find information, understanding and solidarity and to share talents, skills and stories. Their shirts for the Disability Culture is about helping folks to recognize that there is no such thing as “Us and Them”, just one big “Us”. They are about increasing awareness and understanding; as much about the celebration of our individuality and our differences, as the search for common ground: the search for shared truths, interests, histories, goals, fears in relevance to having or loving someone with disabilities.

The Nth Degree is about feeding the sense of humor: that vital and most intimate connection with the child within. Laughter is the elixir of life and the universal language. Shared, it levels walls; opens minds, assuages fear.